Sunday, October 17, 2010

ini la aku..

semalam, g study acc kat umah aidil.. ACC tu ape? hehe.. sejenis makanan mcm koko krunch tp lebih sedap dr tu.. hehe.. DUSH! ACC tu account.. ptg nie nk test oww.. kol 5.. skrg kol 3.16.. aku xblaja pa2 lg.. cause i'm really worry about my sweetheart.. ntah ape jd kat dia.. they didn't update me with any news.. MAMA, pity you.. papa, you such a great papa in the world.. lucky me dpt parents mcm papa and mama.. ;) we LOVE you damn much... SMILE..
semalam juga, xthu nk ckp cm ner.. tp it's really confusing.. and, dia jugak.. now, we just flow the rhythm of life.. ade, ade la.. xde, xde la.. but kalau ade, i hope i found some1 that can TC of me.. amen.. ;) JESUS, if that is my destiny, give me the strength to cops it..DA2.. xnk pkr da.. bosan kan topic cm gini.. HAIH.. bosan deh.. hmmmmmmmm..

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