Thursday, October 14, 2010

at last i know the reason

da 1 minggu kita xcontact sebagai couple,like what we did previous month, year and etc. i'm losing you, at last.. after 3 thun berkorban segala2 nya.. aku xpasti ape ko rase.. and aku xnk thu pun ape ko rase.. cause we are not mean for each other. knpe ko nk cmpared aku dgn ko? knpe ko xpnah nk nmpak sayang aku kat ko cm ner? knpe? knpe kejam sngat ko dgn aku? ya, i know we are not perfect. everything is lack. but nver use it as the reason 4 you to let me go.. u are found a new person which is my replace, i think.. i hope you are happy with her,.. buah ati ko kan.. dia pun lama da tunggu ko... ko denied dia xde pape2 dgn ko, but i can see the <3.. watever is it.. bnda da tjd.. ko dgn dia, aku doakan bhgia... i will go, no more return back syg... aku da xde nilai lg bg ko.. IF I CAN GIVE YOU SOMETHING IN LIFE, I WILL GIVE YOU THE ABILITY TO SEE YOURSELF THROUGH MY EYES AND ONLY THEN YOU WILL REGRET AND REALIZED HOW SPECIAL YOU ARE TO ME! i <3 it babe.. thanks to me realize my speciality to you.. you are owez in heart... it damn hurt syg when you go away.. :"(

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